Battery Hydraulic Cable Lugs Crimping Tools

Battery Hydraulic Cable Lugs Crimping Tools

1. Closed head, flip top style,rotable 2. Quality assurance by visual and audible signals in case of failure 3. Simple and safe: one-button operating concept for controlling all tooling functions 4. Effortless working thanks to low weight 5. Led for workplace illumination 6. Simple and safe: Automatic retraction when operation is complete 7. Always ready for use thanks to the battery charge status

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Product Details

Product features

1. All tools can be controlled by one key-press the trigger to start working, half loosing the trigger means stop forcing pressure, loosing fully means piston return to the original position.

2. LCD Data Display-The Total Crimping Times, Electricity Power, Errors Info can be checked by the Display, also we can special making for customer to show the pressure if necessary.

3. Air Cooling Heat dissipation system to extend using. 

4. Heads Rotates 350 degree in order to gain better access to tight corners or other difficult working areas.

5. Ergonomic design with antislip handle.

6. Compression mould can be replaced, quick and safe operation.

Product description

BZ-300B min power battery hydraulic copper and aluminum cable lug crimping tools crimp for 16-300mm2, simple operation concept, the crimping operation automatically stop the pressure after completion.

Product details

Item No.BZ-300B
Crimping force17mm
Crimp/charge120times (Cu 150mm²)
Charging time30mins


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