Manual Hydraulic Wire Rope Crimping Tool

Manual Hydraulic Wire Rope Crimping Tool

Zupper KYQ-300 hydraulic crimping tool safety system inside.

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Product Details

Product features: system inside

2.12dies to change

3.easy to operate

4.hydraulic crimping success

5.the colour is blue

6.manual crimping suit for human beings

Product description:

Zupper KYQ-300 is popular model.Safety system inside is more advanced than other models.More reliable to match human beings demands thanks to the 12 different dies.And also easy to change.Manual operation suits comfortable.

Product details:

Item No:KYQ-300
Crimping range:Cu 16-300mm2
Crimpin force:100KN
Crimping type:hexagon crimping
Package:plastic box
Weight of box:


Crimping dies:16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300mm2
Sealing O-ring:one set

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