Battery Powered Hydraulic Hole Making

Battery Powered Hydraulic Hole Making

Zupper battery punch driver get through steel stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, drywall, ceiling tile, cement board with perfect performance.

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Product Details

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Product features

1. High flexibility using rotating head

2. Automatic stop makes the punching tools last longer

3. One-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions

4. Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and effortless operations

5. Powerful 18V Li-ion battery-high capacity, short charging time

6. Multifunction LED for maintenance display and charge status display of the battery

7. Easy carry and use

Product description

BZ-12 battery punch driver is for 3.5mm mild metal sheet 22.5-61.5mm.The tool ranges are manufactured in China to ISO9001 standards with quality hardened tool steel. With LCD data display (punching times, electricity errors information), LED light, mirco computer control system.

Product detail

Maximum Punch Force120KN
Maximum Ram Stroke27mm
Maximum Round Punch Size (in 3.5mm mild steel)61.5mm dia
DESCRIPTION (Size of Conduit Size Punch&Die)HOLE SIZE (TYPE C)   
1/2" 22.50mm
3/4" 28.30mm
1" 34.60mm
1-1/4" 43.20mm
1-1/2" 49.60mm
2" 61.50mm
7/16"x3/4" Draw Stud1pc
3/4"x3/4" Draw Stud1pc
Sealing Kit
N. weight (with battery)5.0kgs

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