Hydraulic Hole Making Tool Kit

Hydraulic Hole Making Tool Kit

Zupper SYK-8B is hydraulic hole punch tool including round die:22.5,28.3,34.6,43.2,49.6,61.5mm,7/16"x3/4" draw, 3/4"x3/4" draw stud:1pc stud:1pc

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Product Details

Product features 

1.The finished distributor, on-off case and plate can charge the specification at any time. It can change the size of the tools simply, and will not destroy the surface at all drilling hole

2.We can make the tool according to customer’s requirement, quick delivery

3.If need to order rectangular and square punches. Please measure the correct dimension.

4.Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery.

5.Complete variety of products, one-stop purchasing.

6.Instrumentation electrician, Electrical equipment maintenance, factory wiring

7.Human body engineering design, flexible for operating and rich functional

Product description

Zupper SYK-8B hydraulic hole punch tool It covers six kinds of dies, two bolts, one washer, hole digger unit and plastic carrying case,and it could be used for digging square hole if fitted with square dies,Any specific size of round and square dies could be ordered. Suitable for punching holes on electric switch boxes and metal sheets.Custom punch dies are also available.

Product details

Item No.SYK-8B

Punching range

21.5mm-61.5mm in the 3.5mm mild steel

Crimping force



Plastic box



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