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Advantages and Disadvantages for Hydraulic tools
- Aug 31, 2018 -


1. Mineral oil is generally used as working medium, and the relative moving surface can be self-lubricated and has a long service life.

2. Light weight, small volume, small motion inertia and fast reaction speed.

3. Various components of hydraulic transmission can be arranged conveniently and flexibly according to needs.

4, can automatically achieve overload protection.

5, convenient control and control, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation (speed range up to 2000:1).

6, it is easy to achieve linear motion.

7. It is easy to realize the automation of the machine. When the electro-hydraulic combined control is adopted, not only can a higher degree of automatic control process be realized, but also remote control can be realized.


1. Easy to leak. The hydraulic system has a high oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil easily leaks through the seal or the gap, causing consumption of the hydraulic medium and causing environmental pollution.

2. Low transmission efficiency In the process of energy transmission, the hydraulic transmission often has more energy loss (pressure loss and flow loss, etc.), which makes the transmission efficiency lower.

3. Inaccurate transmission ratio Due to the compressibility of the transmission medium, leakage and elastic deformation of the pipeline, the hydraulic system cannot strictly guarantee the fixed ratio transmission.

4. Sensitivity to temperature The viscosity of the oil changes with temperature. The change of viscosity causes changes in flow, leakage and resistance, which may cause instability of the working mechanism.

5. High manufacturing cost In order to reduce leakage, the manufacturing precision of the hydraulic component is required to be high, thereby increasing the manufacturing cost.