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Another connection method of wire and wiring pile head
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Method of aluminum core multi-single (single) strand wire straight connection


1. Selecting the lamination film and the elliptical aluminum sleeve according to the cross section of the wire.

2. Stripping the wire insulation sheath at the joint, the stripping length should be aluminum the length of the casing is generally 5~10mm (the bare aluminum wire does not have this item), use a wire brush to remove the oxide layer (film) on the surface of the core wire

3. Use a clean wire brush to lick some Vaseline zinc powder paste evenly Apply to the core wire to prevent the oxide layer from regenerating. 

4. Use a round wire brush to remove the oxide layer and grease stain on the inner wall of the aluminum sleeve. It is also best to apply Vaseline zinc powder paste on the inner wall of the tube. 

5. Insert the two core wires into the aluminum sleeve oppositely so that the two wire ends are just connected in the center of the aluminum sleeve.

 6. According to the thickness of the aluminum sleeve, select the appropriate wire mold to be attached to the crimping pliers, and after tightening the positioning screw, insert the core wire with the aluminum sleeve into the wire mold.

 7. Align the aluminum sleeve, and force the clamp handle to press the joint: first press the two pits at both ends, then press the two pits in the middle, and the pressure pit should be always on. After the crimping of the joint is completed, the bending of the aluminum casing should not be more than 2% of the length of the pipe. Otherwise, it should be straightened with a wooden hammer; the aluminum casing should not have cracks; the wire outside the aluminum casing must not have a "lantern" shaped drum. Or "crust" is not the same shape. 

8. Wipe off the remaining grease and apply a layer of quick-drying asphalt paint on both ends of the aluminum sleeve and at the joint. Then, the aluminum sleeve and the exposed wire part are first wrapped with two layers of yellow wax tape, and then two layers of black rubber tape are wrapped, and the insulation layer is held 20 mm away.