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Zupper Hand Operated Cable Cutter, Effortless Work
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Cable cutter is a cutting pliers specially designed for cutting cables. The two blades are interlaced and can be opened and closed. Cable cutters are large scissors that are designed using the principle of “leverage” and “pressure is inversely proportional to area”. Cable cutters are suitable for high-voltage PE, IV cable, telephone lines, and cut off quickly; The blade of cable cutter is made of high carbon steel tungsten alloy steel, heat treatment hardness HRC65 and it is durable

The hand operated cable cutter including manual cable cutter and ratchet cable cutter. The manual cable cutter is similar to a normal scissors, has a larger shape, a longer grip (lever principle), and a harder blade. Manual cable cutters can easily cut off small cables, for large cables, need require a lot of hand power. The ratchet cable cutter is a hand tool that can quickly cut the cable. Because of the mechanical ratchet structure, it is more labor-saving in cutting.

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