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Constantly improve performance and continuously improve work efficiency
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The electric pump is a high-quality construction equipment, so it has gradually been widely used. For the ultra-high performance of the electric pump, everyone should know more about it, but some of them may not be used when they are used, resulting in their performance. Can not be fully demonstrated. So today our professionals explain to everyone:

1. Connect one end of the high pressure tubing to the connector of the unit and the other end to the type of tool you need. The electric pump produced by our company is now widely favored and praised by users. What preparatory work is done before use can improve the efficiency of use. The

2. Before using, please pay attention to whether the quick joints on both ends are locked in position. It is necessary to force the quick joints to the top, and screw in the coat nut under no loose conditions.

3, before using the electric pump to check the voltage of the machine, and check the plug and socket are not connected.

The main points of attention when using an electric pump are these. Everyone must use the instructions to perform reasonable operations in order to continuously improve their ultra-high performance and continuously improve the efficiency of our work.