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ZUPPER TOOLS, Electric cable,Power cable
- May 21, 2018 -

Although the wire and cable industry is only a supporting industry, it occupies a quarter of the output value of the Chinese electrical industry. It has a wide range of products and a wide range of applications. It covers electric power, construction, communications, and manufacturing, and is closely related to various sectors of the national economy. Wire and cable is also known as the "artery" and "nervous" of the national economy. It is an indispensable basic equipment for the transmission of electric energy, transmission of information, and the manufacture of various motors, instruments, and meters to achieve electromagnetic energy conversion. It is the future of electrification and information. The necessary basic products in the society.

The wire and cable industry is China's second largest industry after the automotive industry, with product variety satisfaction rates and domestic market share exceeding 90%. In the world, China's total output value of wire and cable has surpassed that of the United States and has become the world's largest wire and cable producer. With the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, the number of newly added companies has continued to rise, and the industrys overall technological level has been greatly improved.