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Electric Multi-functional Machine
- Aug 12, 2018 -

The three-in-one busbar processing machine simply combines three functions of punching, shearing and folding, and can independently perform punching, shearing and folding processing. The three-in-one busbar is equipped with three processing units. The busbar can be punched, cut and folded with the hand and foot switches. By changing the mold, it can also be processed by different processes such as flat bending, vertical bending, U-bending, embossing, circular punching and long round holes. The three-in-one busbar machine has high production efficiency and is easy to use. Mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing, and a complete set of transmission and distribution equipment, power production and processing enterprises. The machine is equipped with two modes of operation: manual button and pedal switch. It is easy to operate, flexible and convenient to use, and can be conveniently used by ordinary technicians.

1.Three-in-one bus processing machine is equipped with three punching holes, cutting and folding processing unit, through foot switch or manual switch. It can be used to stamp, cut and fold the busbars separately. It is an ideal production equipment for the high and low voltage electrical industry. it

2. The punching unit adopts a vertical structure. It can change molds quickly and easily, improving work efficiency. It can customize a variety of molds according to user requirements. The mold material is made of high quality steel pyramid 12 manganese steel. The punching precision is high and the inner surface is smooth and free of burrs. The process of punching round holes, long round holes, square holes, chamfering, embossing, etc. is completed by changing the mold.

3, the scissors use flat shear or punching, cutting the workpiece is smooth. No burrs, no waste.

4. The bending unit adopts integral casting structure and horizontal processing. Flat bending, vertical bending, bending, crimping, copper rods, etc. can be done by quickly changing the mold. The mold structure is reasonable and easy to replace.

5, PLC control, automatic refueling, refueling, heat dissipation. High-performance hydraulic system, imported hydraulic components, 10mm large-diameter solenoid valve, low sound, stable and reliable performance.