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Eliminating rust and durability
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The development of automation equipment has provided great help for the progress of our society. Especially in some jobs, the use of hydraulic drilling machine equipment has greatly saved our time and manpower and material expenses.

The electrohydraulic punching machine adopts an all-metal structure and adopts non-slip fine lines at the grip, which makes the operation more stable and the grip more comfortable. In addition, an optimized, effort-saving lever design has been used, allowing even a 30-page paper hole to be easily completed. In terms of auxiliary functions, the available hole retainer for the retainer has a standard scale in the depth adjuster, which makes positioning easier and easier. In terms of raw material selection, it is also unambiguous. The excellent retainer punching machine adopts a chrome-plated and solid cutter head design to prevent rust and durability.

The key parts of the available single-hole punching machine are made of strong metal structure, and the overall body is excellent in workmanship and texture. The surface of the fuselage is chrome-plated, water-repellent, rust-proof and oxidation-resistant, and the anti-corrosion capability of the drilling machine is enhanced to make it durable and durable. Punching machine grips are ergonomically optimized for shaping, and connecting springs are attached between the grips so that the grip can be automatically returned to the initial position after punching, making the punching work more comfortable and energy saving. Good assistant for office work.

Now hydraulic drilling machine equipment is not only to play its own ability in technology, and light and small portable belt, suitable for many of our work.