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Heat Treatment of Zupper
- Jul 30, 2018 -


 "Are you heat treated yourself?"

" We are part of our own heat treatment, and others are heat treated outside."

Mesh belt furnace and pit furnace

We have a mesh belt furnace production line (mainly used for austempering), three well furnaces (which can be used for quenching and tempering), a well type carburizing furnace and a nitriding furnace, in addition to the heat treatment equipment. There is a high pressure cleaning and drying equipment (mainly used for cleaning and drying hydraulic components).

The heat treatment of the self is through the mesh belt furnace and the ground furnace, and is a heat treatment equipment for transferring the workpiece through the mesh belt, and the production efficiency is high. The floor furnace, professionally called the pit furnace, can be used for quenching and tempering.

At present, all the dovetail molds are heat-treated by themselves, and each ring node can control itself. For example, the tempering time can be strictly controlled.

The second is that we will do metallographic analysis for each batch after heat treatment.

Vacuum furnace

The external processing part is a vacuum furnace. The price of vacuum heat treatment is relatively high. It is a heat treatment equipment for heating, heat preservation and cooling in a vacuum environment. The deformation of the workpiece is required to be small, and the parts with complicated workpieces need vacuum heat treatment equipment. Mainly for products with high hardness requirements and 60 degrees. Such as cutting steel core aluminum stranded wire blades and rollers