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How to maintain hydraulic puller?
- Jul 27, 2018 -


The hydraulic puller needs to be inspected and maintained once every six months:

1. Check the gear meshing and wear of all reducers. The pitting corrosion of the tooth surface should not exceed 30% of the meshing surface, and the depth should not exceed 10% of the thickness of the original tooth (fixed string thickness); the tooth thickness wear of the gear The percentage of the thickness of the original tooth must not exceed 15% to 25%; check the condition of the bearing; replace the lubricant.

2. Check the condition of large and small wheels, lubricate the wheel bearings, and eliminate the phenomenon of rails.

3. Check whether the main welds of the main beam and the end beam have open welding and rust. The corrosion should not exceed 10% of the original thickness. Whether the main stressed parts have fatigue cracks; whether the various guardrails and brackets are intact; The main beam and end beam bolts are tightened once.

4. Check the deformation of the main beam. Check the condition of the trolley track. Under no-load, the main beam under-interference should not exceed 1/2000 of its span; the main beam inward horizontal bend should not exceed 1/1500 of the measured length; the track of the trolley should not produce the track phenomenon, the top surface of the track and the side wear ( The amount of one side shall not exceed 3 mm.

5. Check the condition of the reel, the wall of the reel should not wear more than 20% of the original wall thickness, and the peak of the rope groove is not strained.

6. Tighten the hydraulic pull to pull all the connecting bolts and fastening bolts