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How to use electric hydraulic pump
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. The electro-hydraulic oil pump can be used as a hydraulic pump for various hydraulic instruments.

2. After the electro-hydraulic oil pump and other hydraulic tools are equipped, it can carry out many tasks such as lifting, pressing, bending, bending, straightening, shearing, assembly and disassembly. Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Electric hydraulic pump use method

When using, open the bleed nut, open the switch on the oil collection block, plug in the power supply, and put the quick connector on the quick head on the hydraulic device. Press the power switch, wait for the motor to rotate for 1-2 minutes, put the switch off and put it into the boost state. At this time, the output hydraulic oil will carry out various work, and the output hydraulic oil will be self-pressurized with the increase of the load to carry out various work until 63MPA .

After the work is finished, open the switch to unload the load. After the hydraulic oil returns to the end, remove the quick joint sleeve, screw the bleed nut, remove the electric screw, and close the switch.

Electric hydraulic pump maintenance precautions

1. The oil pump uses No. 20 oil.

2. The oil storage capacity must be within the range above the oil window.

3. When refueling and oil change, it must be filtered with oil filter of 80 mesh or more. When replacing, you need to clean the fuel tank. The oil change period is six months. 4. Working oil temperature is 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

5. Open the bleed nut before starting the electric pump and open the switch to the unloading position.

6. If the motor temperature is too high during use, it should be stopped. Allow to cool before use.

7. The pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It should not be adjusted at will. If it needs to be re-adjusted, it must be done with a pressure gauge.

8. The high pressure oil pipe is delivered to the factory and passed the 105MPA test. However, because the hose is easy to age, the user should check it frequently, usually for six months. It is frequently used for three months. When the inspection is carried out, the pressure is 87.5MPA. If it is damaged, raised or leaked, it cannot be used.

9. The bearing is usually cleaned once every six months, and grease should be added during assembly.