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How to use stainless steel pipe clamp connection tool-1
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Tool assembly and work area inspection

1. Check the work area from the following aspects


-Full lighting

-Flammable liquids, gases or dust are liable to cause burning. Please do not use the tools in these environments until you confirm and correct them. The crimping tool does not have explosion protection and therefore sparks.

-Operate in a clean, dry, stable environment. Do not stand in the water using tools.

2. Check the work to be performed and select the appropriate RIDGID tool and accessories according to the application. If the accessory is used incorrectly, it can also cause injury and tool damage and the pipe connection does not meet the sealing requirements.

3. Weigh the work area to see if it needs to be isolated to keep the bystanders away from the work site, because bystanders can distract the operator.

4. Make sure the battery is removed, then unlock and fully open the accessory pin 

5. Insert the correct accessory, then fully close the accessory mounting pin and rotate it to the locked position, as shown in Figure 3. The accessory mounting pin must be fully closed and locked to prevent the tool from being damaged during use.