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How to use the Pipe Expanding Tool, Zupper tools
- Aug 08, 2018 -

How to use the Pipe Expanding Tool

When expanding the pipe, firstly anneal the flared end of the copper pipe and trim it with a boring tool. Then place the copper pipe in the fixture of the corresponding pipe diameter, tighten the fastening nut on the clamp to secure the copper pipe. Clamped.

When expanding the bell mouth, the nozzle must be higher than the surface of the clamp, the height of which is slightly larger than the length of the chamfer of the chamfered corner of the clip hole, and then the cone is screwed on the pressing screw of the bow frame, and the bracket is fixed on the fixture, so that The cone head is on the same line as the center of the copper tube, then turn the handle on the pressing screw clockwise to make the cone head against the nozzle, tighten the screw evenly and slowly, rotate the cone downward 3/4 turn, then invert 1/4 turn. Repeat this way, gradually expanding the nozzle into a bell mouth. When tightening the screw, be careful not to use excessive force to avoid cracking the side wall of the copper tube. When expanding the bell mouth, a small amount of frozen oil can be applied to the cone to facilitate flare lubrication. The flared flare is finally rounded, smooth, and free of cracks.

When expanding the cup shape, the clamp must still firmly clamp the copper tube. Otherwise, the copper tube is easy to loosen and change back after the expansion, resulting in insufficient depth of the cup-shaped opening. The height of the surface of the nozzle exposed fixture should be greater than the pipe diameter of 1 to 3 mm. The series of expansion heads of the pipe expander have been formed for different flaring depths and gaps. Generally, the pipe diameter of less than 10mm is about 6~10mm, and the gap is 0.06~O. 10mm. When expanding the flaring, it is only necessary to fix the expansion head corresponding to the pipe diameter on the top screw of the bow frame, then fix the bow frame and slowly tighten the screw. The specific operation method is the same as when the flare is expanded.