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Hydraulic Cutting Tool , Zupper Better Mechanical Performance
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Hydraulic cutting tool

The hydraulic cutting machine is a tool for cutting the busbar, which is divided into two types: single side cutting and double side cutting. There is no waste on one side, avoiding waste of busbars, and cutting waste on both sides.

Working principle

Like all hydraulic tools, the hydraulic cutting machine is also based on the Pascal principle, which acts as a force amplification.

Function Description

1. This product is suitable for switchgear and switchboard automatic control panel wiring project.

2. It adopts split design and is easy to carry and easy to maintain.

3. The blade is made of high-strength tool steel. The heat treatment is sturdy and durable, and the surface is blackened to prevent rust.

4. The blade design is scientific and the cut surface is smooth and flat.

5. The split design is factory free of pumps.


Firstly, the male connector on the hydraulic cutting machine is connected with the hydraulic pump female connector, and the workpiece to be cut is placed in the center of the upper and lower cutters (to prevent the eccentric load from damaging the piston), and the workpiece is leveled. Start the hydraulic pump to cut off, and release the oil return switch after the operation is completed. Simple? Purchasing immediately improves work efficiency!


1. The width of the workpiece should not be operated in the processing range of the hydraulic cutting machine.

        2. It is strictly forbidden to avoid no damage to the machine