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Indispensable parts in electronic equipment
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Connector, CONNECTOR. Domestic also known as connectors, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to electrical connectors. A device that connects two active devices and transmits current or signals. The connector brands include Kana Mee, Nutrik, Toshiba, Molex and others.

Connectors are a type of part that our electronics engineers often contact. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or inaccessible between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve a predetermined function. The connector is an indispensable part of the electronic device. Observe the path through which the current flows. You will always find one or more connectors. Connector forms and structures are ever-changing, and there are various types of connectors, depending on the application, frequency, power, and application environment. For example, connectors for lighting on the field and connectors for hard drives, and connectors for lighting rockets are very different. But no matter what kind of connector, we must ensure that the current flows smoothly and reliably. On the other hand, the connector is not only limited to the current, but in today's rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the carrier of the signal in the optical fiber system is light, glass and plastic replace the wires in the ordinary circuit, but the optical signal Connectors are also used in the vias, and they function as circuit connectors.