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Keep electrical safety when using tool
- Oct 27, 2018 -

It is important to have a safrty environment when you uding tool, not only battery powered tools, hydraulic tools, but also manual tools. The tools can be started working only everthing is fine.

Electrical safety notes:

1. Make sure the plug matches with the plug seat. Never try any changes on the plug.

2. Do not put tool, battery and charger under a rainy or humid surroundings, it is easy to trigger an electric shock accident if any water goes into the electric system of the tool.

3. Do not use electric wire to carry, pull, or to draw out the plug and do not connect the “-”and “+”, the damaged or twined wire may cause an electric shock accident.

4. If the charger was strongly crashed, or dropping down or any other damages happening, please do not try to repair it by yourself, send it back to the authorized service center as soon as possible. The damaged charger may cause an electric shock accident.

5. The best temperature for charging is between 10℃-40℃. Make sure the air hole of the battery and charger are uncovered during charging.

6. Please cut off the power of the charger each time to reduce the hazard from child or the person who not expert on the tool.

7. Do not wait until the battery runs over for recharging, the recharging will caused the battery does not working anymore. Please keep the battery out of the tool to avoid the power discharge.

8. Please do not burn the battery or make it being short-circuited, it may cause explosion.

9. Do not use the waste battery otherwise it will caused the electric shock.

10. Do not disassemble the battery and charger. If any problem please contact with manufacture or agent.