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Light weight, forward and backward operation button arrangement
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The crimping pliers are the necessary tools for the electric wire industry to carry out the crimping of the wire in the basic construction and line maintenance of the line.

Split-type crimping pliers need to be equipped with corresponding pumps, which are generally suitable for use in electrical overhead lines and underground cable lines; there are also split-type crimping pliers suitable for large-sized cables. A multi-purpose machine, can be used for clamp pressure tube clamping pressure, can also achieve hexagonal pressure mold pressure connection.

The rechargeable crimping pliers has a compact structure and a light weight. The buttons for entering and retracting the operation are arranged properly. One-handed operation; low,

High-pressure two-stage piston pump drive design, rapid pressure contact, safety relief valve system, automatic pressure relief after standard output, head can be rotated 350 degrees, suitable for crimping at different angles; tools equipped with strap, especially suitable for ascending Work (new lithium battery BP-14LN can be crimped 90 times); Configuration: one host, one battery, one charger, one resin toolbox.

Adopt high and low two-stage piston pump to drive the design, the operation is quick and effortless; the system is equipped with safety relief valve, and the pressure is automatically relieved after standard output.

Air-type crimping pliers also belong to the manual type: air-type crimping pliers are suitable for 1.25-5.5mm bare crimp terminal, insulated terminal, insulated closed-end terminal, continuous terminal, using air pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa (5~6kgf /cm², operation method: pedal operation, can also be operated inching or continuous operation.The pressure connector can be replaced.

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