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No carbon brush,new generation brushless of crimping tool
- Jul 17, 2018 -

(1)the knowledge of battery crimping tool

Crimping tools are necessary tools for electric wire industry to carry out wire crimping in line construction and line maintenance.The general electric crimping tools mainly consists of an electric output part, a working part conversion part, an operation opening and stopping control part, a tool housing. The electric crimping tools can be equipped with a pedestal and a charging cable to facilitate frequent indoor work, or to carry a lithium battery for outdoor work.

(2)the principle of battery crimping tool

The electric crimping tool drives the electric motor through the electric energy of the lithium battery, and uses the lever principle to output the pressure externally, and pushes the collet to open and close. When the electric crimping tool crimping tool is used to apply sufficient pressure to the wire and the crimping terminal, the terminal and the two base metals of the wire are in close contact, and at this time, the temperature of the crimping region rises and a diffusion phenomenon occurs in two pressures. An alloy layer is formed between the contact faces of the parts, so that the two crimping parts are firmly combined into one body, forming a reliable electrical connector.

(3)the progress about Zupper EB series

The EB series is brushless series.Brushless motors driving revolutionary performance.It is no carbon brush,the motor is running,there is no power loss by friction and reduce the heat generated by the motor,no carbon brush,the motor does not produce sparks at work,it is moresuitable used in combustible place.It also has longer life and maintenance-free thanks to brushless technolgy.