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No leakage, with safety self-locking function
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The hydraulic quick joint is designed for special heavy loads. The female joint material is steel chrome plated. The male joint and the female joint's locking sleeve are all hardened. The pressure resistance and fatigue resistance are good. The two-stage seal is used; no leakage, with safety Lock function.

This joint is a joint that does not require the use of tools, but also to achieve rapid assembly and disassembly of the pipeline. He has two types of open and close ends and two open ends.

The open and close type quick joints at both ends are composed of a joint body, a check valve core, a jacket, a steel ball, a spring and a seal. The inner cavity of the joint body has a one-way valve. When the two joint bodies are separated, the check valve core is extended under the action of the respective springs, and is pressed on the tapered hole of the joint body to close the passage. The oil in the pipes on both sides is closed in the pipe and cannot flow out; when the two connectors are connected, the two ejectors on the front end of the check valve poppet collide, forcing the valve plug to leave the tapered hole of the connector body, so that the two pipes inside The oil communicates and the two joint bodies are locked with steel balls. When working, the jacket presses the steel balls in the U-shaped groove of the joint body under the action of the spring to connect the joint bodies.

This kind of joint is easy to disassemble, but its structure is more complex and the local resistance loss is larger. It is suitable for oil and gas-based pipeline systems.

The open-ended quick joints at both ends are different from the open-closed type at both ends only in that there is no check valve in the body cavity of the joint. When the two joint bodies are separated, the access cannot be closed. One end of the joint is connected to the hose by a three-leaf hose connector, and the joint core of the hose joint is directly inserted into the quick joint.