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Notes for using puller, Zupper tools
- Jul 25, 2018 -


Analysis of common problems in hydraulic puller of traditional hollow cylinder with threaded screw:


1. The jaws slip during work, resulting in a safety accident

2, the horse is eccentric, causing the screw to bend and snap into the hollow cylinder, a dilemma

3, Lama eccentric load, causing the screw and jaw to be broken or straightened, causing a safety accident

4, the cylinder stroke is too short, need multiple positioning to complete the work, no increase in workload

In 1978, the United States Posello POSILOCK company invented a safety cage self-locking self-centering puller, the United States Posello POSILOCK self-locking self-aligning hydraulic puller is equipped with a large stroke hydraulic cylinder with spring retraction, when in use As long as the corresponding manual pump or electric pump is connected, the coarse and solid plunger of the cylinder directly acts as a screw rod and acts firmly on the pulled workpiece, so that the above problems can be completely avoided. The main features are as follows:

◆Unique safety cage patented design, can completely lock the workpiece, prevent slipping, and work safer

◆Automatic alignment, prevent eccentric load, ensure that the screw is always in the center of force, prolong the service life

◆ Quickly control the puller through the T-handle and safety cage for easier operation

◆No screw design, large stroke cylinder plunger acts directly on the workpiece being pulled, making operation easier and safer to use.

◆ 3/8NPT quick coupling for use with a variety of 700bar/10000psi hydraulic systems

◆Specially shaped jaws are more conducive to small space operations