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Precautions for using Jacks, hydraulic Jacks Zupper brand
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The jack is a safe and reliable lifting device. Generally, there is no problem, but there are also the following precautions when using it:

(1) The working medium of general jack is YB-N32 hydraulic oil. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10 °C, YB-N22 hydraulic oil can be used. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 °C, YB-N46 hydraulic oil can be used instead.

(2) The liquid level of the fuel tank should always be kept on the center line of the oil mark during operation to prevent the oil pump from absorbing. When refueling, use a 120 mesh oil filter to filter out impurities in the new oil. When used frequently, clean the oil filter every 2 months, clean the fuel tank once every half year, and replace it with new oil.

(3) The normal working temperature of the jack oil pump is 10 ~ 50 °C. If the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to take cooling measures or stop the pump; if the oil temperature is too low, it is necessary to take heating measures or low-pressure operation to increase the oil temperature.

(4) Before starting the motor, change the reversing valve to the middle half. Jog several times to prevent the high pressure pump from absorbing air and use it after removing air.

(5) The working pressure set at the time of discharge of the pump shall not be arbitrarily increased.

(6) When the high-pressure hose is shipped from the factory, it is subjected to a withstand voltage test with a rated pressure of 1.25 times. Due to the aging of the gel, users should pay attention to regular inspections during long-term use and check once every six months. When inspecting for the withstand voltage test, it must be replaced in case of leakage, bulging or blasting. When using, avoid discounts and sharp bends, and do not get too close to the hose to prevent blasting and injury. For fixed occasions, steel pipes can be used instead.

       (7) The pump is inspected once a year. All parts are cleaned with kerosene. Pay attention to protect the mating surfaces of the jacks. Do not bump them. After assembly, the moving parts should be flexible and free of local jamming.