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Punch driver of zupper tools
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that punches the mold and acts on the material after the raw material is installed, and the punching mold is driven by the power mechanism to complete the punching. The punching machine can perform sheet metal processing, stamping, molding, embossing and the like to force the metal into the mold.

Punching driver of Zupper tools:


Punching machines generally consist of the following two parts:

(1) Working part (upper and lower molds, machine tools);

(2) Power section (hydraulic pump or manual).

In the case of a hydraulic punching machine, a working cylinder is also included, and the pneumatic punching machine includes a cylinder.

working principle

The working principle of the punching machine is that after the raw materials are mounted on the working machine platform, the punching mold acts on the material under the driving of the power mechanism (manual drive or hydraulic drive), thereby completing the punching operation.