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The Instruction of Crimping Tool
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Wire crimping pliers are a hardware tool used to connect copper and aluminum wires by cold pressing, especially in aluminum stranded and steel core aluminum stranding fixtures. Crimping pliers can be roughly divided into two types: hand pressure and oil pressure. The wire cross-section is 35mm2 and below, and the 35cm2 or more is used with gear press or hydraulic pliers. With the development of the machinery manufacturing industry, electricians can use more and more mechanical tools. Using these tools can not only greatly reduce the labor intensity, but also double the work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary for electricians to understand and master these tools. Use these advanced tools. Aluminum has a large output and is cheap, so aluminum wire has become more and more popular in place of copper wire. The aluminum wire produced is available in both tinned and non-tinned. Tinned aluminum wires can generally be connected by a copper wire. Non-galvanized aluminum wire is easily oxidized. If it is not properly connected, the joint will heat up and even affect the safety of the circuit.