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The Opertational Rules For Zupper Pipe Bending Tool
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Manual hydraulic pipe bending tool

Operational rules

1. When the tool is started, pay attention to the human body not to enter the range of the swivel rotation.

2. When the tool is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space range where the boom and pipe fittings are swept!

3. The hydraulic system of the machine tool adopts YA-N32 ordinary hydraulic oil (original grade No. 20). It is replaced once a year under normal conditions, and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time.

4. When adjusting the tool (mold), the adjuster should adjust the button by pressing the button. Never adjust one on the machine and the other on the control cabinet.

5. Remove the core rod when adjusting the machine or emptying the vehicle.

6, the hydraulic system pressure can not be greater than 14Mpa.

7. When manually adjusting the side push cylinder speed, the arm should be rotated to 900 to adjust. The adjustment speed is the line speed synchronization of the edge of the rotating arm bending elbow mold. It is forbidden to push the pushing speed faster than the edge of the rotating mold in the manual state. speed.

8. After using the machine for a period of time, check the tightening degree of the chain and keep the upper and lower chains tight.

9. In the core bending mode during automatic operation, before returning the bending arm, the operator must ensure that the core is inside the pipe, or ensure that the mandrel does not block when the bending arm returns. Otherwise, the core or the core may be Bending or breaking