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The reasons for wear of foot pump
- Dec 04, 2018 -

All tools including the foot pump will be weared if we use them frequently or use for a long time.

How could we do it tool has some problems?

Check the reasons for the fault causes from following three points and then improve it.

1. Check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. The easiest way is to raise the boom to see if it has a clear free fall. If the drop is obvious, remove the cylinder and check that the seal should be replaced if it is worn.

2. Check the valve. First clean the safety valve and check if the spool is worn. If it is worn, it should be replaced. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, check the wear of the valve stem of the control valve. The clearance limit is generally 0.06mm. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

3. Measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump. If the pressure is low, the adjustment is made, and the pressure is still not adjusted, indicating that the hydraulic pump is seriously worn.