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The superiority for Zupper JT-1632 manual pipe fitting tool
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Advantages of our JT-1632, ZUPPER manual pipe fitting tool


The manufacturing process of our clamp parts is different from that of ordinary small factories. Our basic process route is: precision forging blank CNC roughing heat treatment CNC finishing surface polishing surface treatment electroplating inspection assembly. Most of the routes used in other factories are: casting blanks ordinary lathes bench drilling, heat treatment surface polishing electroplating assembly.

The difference between us and our peer factories: 1. The blank process. Generally, the material density and strength of the forged blank are definitely better than the cast blank. 2. Mechanical processing equipment. We use high-precision CNC lathes and CNC four-axis machining centers. Other factories usually use ordinary CNC lathes or ordinary lathes, drill rigs and other equipment. 3. Quality control and testing equipment, we have projector, profiler, material tensile tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, metallographic analysis equipment, hardness tester (Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, Shore, etc.), roughness Instruments and other sophisticated testing equipment, which is not available in small factories. 4. We have our own heat treatment production line, heat treatment of parts and components in the factory, and have their own heat treatment process and testing standards. Peer factories usually perform heat treatment of parts in external processing heat treatment enterprises. Due to the small batch size, it is usually difficult to separate the furnace processing (the cost of separate furnace processing is very high), often with other unit parts, and after heat treatment. It is difficult to guarantee the metallographic structure, hardness and strength requirements of the components.