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the use of zupper hydraulic puller
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Zupper hydraulic puller

  Mainly used to remove the damaged bearing from the shaft in the axial direction. It is mainly composed of a knob, a screw and a claw. There are two claws and three claws. The main dimensions are the length of the claw, the distance between the claws and the length of the screw to accommodate bearings of different diameters and different axial installation depths. So, do you know how to use the puller tool?

  The puller is a special tool for removing the components such as gears or bearings that are fitted with interference on the shaft. The common puller is manual, and the one-shot bow is equipped with a pressure screw and a claw. In use, pad a pad between the shaft end and the pressure screw, pull the gear or bearing with the pull claw of the puller, and then tighten the pressure screw to pull off the gear and other interference fit mounting parts.

1.Check whether the departments are normal before use.

2. When using, the provisions of the main parameters should be strictly observed. Avoid excessive overload. Otherwise, when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the specified level, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder. 

3. If the oil quantity of the manual pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to add the N33# hydraulic oil which should be fully filtered to work in the pump. 

4. For electric pumps, please refer to the instruction manual of the electric pump. 

5. The center of gravity should be moderately selected. The focus of the jack should be chosen reasonably. The bottom surface should be leveled. At the same time, the soft and hard conditions of the ground should be considered. Whether the tough wood should be padded should be placed smoothly to avoid the weight from sinking or tilting. 

6. After pulling the heavy object up, the horse should support the heavy object with the support in time, and it is forbidden to use the puller as a support. If you need to support heavy objects for a long time, please choose. 

7. If several pullers are required to lift at the same time, in addition to the proper placement of the puller, a multi-top diverter valve should be used, and the load of each puller should be balanced, keeping in mind that the lifting speed is synchronized. It should also be considered that the ground may be sunken due to uneven weight, and it is dangerous to prevent the weight from being tilted.