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The variability application of Zupper hydraulic pump
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The role of the hydraulic pump:

In the hydraulic transmission system, the hydraulic pump is a power component of the hydraulic transmission system, and is an energy conversion device that converts mechanical energy input by a prime mover (such as a motor) into liquid pressure energy. It belongs to the power component in the hydraulic transmission system and is an important part of the hydraulic transmission system. Its function is to provide pressure oil to the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic pump is a power component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by an engine or an electric motor to draw oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form a component that is discharged to the actuator. There are many factors affecting the service life of the hydraulic pump, in addition to the design and manufacturing factors of the pump itself, and some related to the use of the pump (such as couplings, oil filters, etc.), the operation during the test run, and so on.

Zupper hydraulic pump can use different head to work.Cutting ,punching or bending.