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Various industries are widely used
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Hydraulic rotary joint is a kind of rotary joint specially used for low-speed and high-pressure multi-media and multi-path equipments. It serves machining center rotary table, hydraulic work station, coiler, converter, large package rotary table, hydraulic machinery and Multi-channel high voltage controllers and the like.

Due to the advantages of hydraulic transmission relative to electrical transmission and mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission is used more and more widely in various industries. The use of hydraulic rotary joints has become widespread. If the hydraulic actuator is fixed relative to the source of the medium, steel can be used to deliver the medium to the actuator. If the actuator has a small amount of movement (movement, rotation, oscillation) relative to the source of the medium, a high-pressure hose connection can be used. If there is a hydraulic cylinder on a shaft that rotates at a high speed, a rotary joint is required to feed the medium. At present, rotary joints have not yet been standardized and there are fewer manufacturers.

Rotary joint applications cover almost all processing and manufacturing industries, such as: metallurgy. machine tool. Power generation. oil. rubber. plastic. Textile. printing and dyeing. Pharmaceuticals. cigarette. papermaking. food. Feed processing and so on.