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Zupper Aluminum Hydraulic Jacks
- Sep 02, 2018 -

Zupper provides the largest selection of cylinders and lifting systems, fully supported and available through the most ectensive network of distribtors worlswide. We have a solution for virtually any application-lifting, pushing, pulling-in most industrial and commercial work environments. Zupper offers hundreds of different configurations of cylinders and lifting systems, plus products ranging from jacks, for protability and tight fits, to engineerd systems for precise control over multiple lift points.


1. RAC series, single-acting aluminum

2. RAR series, double acting aluminum cylinders

3. RACH series, hollow plunger aluminum cylinders



Utilizing the latest in Alloy techonology, high -strength coating, seal design and bearing materials, the new Aluminum Cylinder line from ZUPPER can change the way you think about your cylinder applications. Our cylinders provide the strength of aluminum alloy with the lightweight, transportability and easy positioning of aluminum.

■ Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces

■ steel baseplate and saddle for protection agaist load-induced damage

■ Dust ring stop the dust into cylinder dduring extension

■ Integral stop ring prevents plunger over-ytavel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity

■ Multi-wearing ring prevent metal to metal contact, increasing cylinder life and resistance to side-loads of up to 10%

■ Hard coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life

■ High-strength return spring for rapid cylinder retraction

■ Combined seal reduced the friction, no creeping and extends cylinder life

■ Handles included on all models