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Zupper Labor-Saving Hydraulic Puller
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Hydraulic puller

The hydraulic puller is moved forward directly by the hydraulic pressure start lever, so the push rod itself does not rotate. The hook claw seat can directly make the forward and backward adjustment distance with the thread. When the operation is small, the handle is moved forward and backward, the hydraulic pressure start lever is moved forward, the hook claw is correspondingly retracted, and the pulled object is pulled out.

The new hydraulic puller is easy and labor-saving. The three-jaw and two-jaw type can be replaced according to the needs of the field work. It can be freely rotated and pulled to the center point of the piston. It can quickly touch the center point of the workpiece. Pumps can be selected at will.


Hydraulic puller is a new ideal tool to replace the traditional puller. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible use, convenient and labor-saving portability, less restrictions on the site, etc. It is suitable for various maintenance places.

1. Tighten the oil return valve stem clockwise before use;

2. Adjust the hook base to the claw hook to grasp the pulled object;

3. Move the piston starting rod back and forth forward smoothly, and the claw hooks correspondingly retreat to pull the pulled object out;

4. If the piston starting rod extension distance is greater than the hydraulic puller piston starting rod effective distance, it is necessary to stop when the protruding distance is connected to the maximum effective distance, loosen the return valve stem, and let the piston starting rod retract, adjust After repeating, repeat steps 1-3 again until it is pulled out;

5. To release the return valve stem, simply loosen the oil return valve counterclockwise. The piston starting rod is gradually retracted under the action of the spring;

6. Before use, it is necessary to estimate the force required to pull out the object, select the appropriate puller, and avoid overweight use to avoid damage;

7. Hydraulic puller working oil is suitable for anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the working oil must be clean.