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Zupper Steel Hydraulic Jacks ‖
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Zupper provides the largest selection of cylinders and lifting systems, fully supported and available through the most ectensive network of distribtors worlswide. We have a solution for virtually any application-lifting, pushing, pulling-in most industrial and commercial work environments. Zupper offers hundreds of different configurations of cylinders and lifting systems, plus products ranging from jacks, for protability and tight fits, to engineerd systems for precise control over multiple lift points.


1. RSC series, single hydraulic steel cylinder

2. RC series, single acting hydraulic steel cylinder

3. RCH series, single acting hollow plunger steel cylinder

RSC.jpg RC.jpg RCH.jpg 


RSC- series

◆The surface od principle axis is finished with chrome plate to protect the using of longevity of the product.

◆Principle axis has the function of retracting automatically.

◆Surface coating resists corrosion, extending cylinder life.

◆Hardy underlay to avoid axis break when  it is overloading


◆It has the characteristic of low collapsed height, if the requirrement of stroke needs to be higher than ◆RMC series, RC series is suit for this case.

◆The surface of principle axis is finished with chrome plate to protect the using of longeity of the product.

◆Plunger has the function od retarcting automatically WRC rotary head, can work in bevel.


◆Steel base plate and saddle for protection the hollow piston  and cylinder damage and increasing abrasion performaance.

◆Dust ring stop the dust into cylinder during extension.

◆Floating type plunger prevents the block caused by slight unbalance loading of piston.

◆Step-limited piston prevents over-travel and is capable of stopping the spring compressed completely.

◆High -efficient seal extends cylinder life.

◆Handles included on all models.