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ZUPPER TOOLS, What's the Hydraulic Jacks
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Jack is a light lifting device that uses a rigid lifting member as a working device to open a heavy object through a small stroke of a top bracket or a bottom bracket. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments for vehicle repair and other lifting and support work. The structure is light, sturdy, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person.

Hydraulic jack is a jack that uses a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder as a rigid jacking member. It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable work, large top support force and self-locking. It is used as an intermediate medium in the hydraulic transmission system to transmit and convert energy. It also plays the role of lubrication, anti-corrosion, cooling and flushing of various components in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic jack has strong supporting capacity and heavy hydraulic jack top. Supporting force exceeds 100t.

Hydraulic jacks are widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static piles, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair, especially in the construction of roads and railways, mechanical adjustment, equipment disassembly and so on