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An Important Part
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Hydraulic fittings are components in the hydraulic system that connect the high pressure tubing to the high pressure tubing. Hydraulic pipe joints can be divided into hydraulic hoses, high-pressure ball valves, quick joints, card-type pipe joints, welded pipe joints, high-pressure hoses, transitional pipe joints, card-type pipe joints, three-pipe joints, non- Standard pipe joints, flared pipe joints, right angle pipe joints, rotary joints, quick joints, stainless steel pipe joints, copper joints.

Quick change fittings, one with a one-way valve and one without a one-way valve. For applications with one-way valves, the one-way valve end is connected to the air supply. When the valve is disconnected, the one-way valve is automatically closed. When the switch is closed, the movable end thimble opens the one-way valve. Self-locking is the use of steel ball embedded in the groove, while the "cone - cylindrical" sleeve to lock the ball.