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Has Good Shear Resistance
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The electric pump serves as an intermediate medium in the hydraulic transmission system to transfer and convert energy, and also functions as a lubricant, anti-corrosion, cooling, and flushing of various parts in the electric pump. Its main performance is:

1, the appropriate viscosity, good viscosity and temperature characteristics: viscosity is the first factor to consider when selecting the hydraulic oil, under the same working pressure, the viscosity is too high, the hydraulic component movement resistance increases, the temperature rise accelerates the self-priming ability of the hydraulic pump, The pipeline pressure drop and power loss increase. If the viscosity is too low, the volume loss of the hydraulic pump will increase, the leakage within the element will increase, the sliding part oil film will become thinner, and the bearing capacity will decrease.

2. Good lubricity: The hydraulic system has a large number of moving parts that need to be lubricated to prevent the wear of the relative moving surfaces. In particular, the system with high pressure of the electric pump has a much higher requirement for the abrasion resistance of the hydraulic oil.

3, good oxidation resistance: hydraulic oil will also occur in the process of oxidation, acidic oil produced by the oxidation of the oil will increase the corrosion of the metal, the resulting sludge sediment will clog the filter and small gaps, so that hydraulic The system is not working properly and therefore requires good oxidation resistance.

4, good shear stability: due to hydraulic oil through the pump, valve orifice and gap, it is subject to severe shear, resulting in the oil molecules of some macromolecules such as tackifier molecules break, change Into a small molecule, so that the viscosity decreases, when the viscosity is reduced to a certain extent, the oil can not be used, so it is required to have a good shear resistance.