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ZUPPER TOOLS Employees Celebrate The Traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. In order to let all employees feel the festive atmosphere, after a warm Dragon Boat Festival, the company will issue a dice for each employee.

In order to allow every employee to eat the dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival, the restaurant prepared 100 kilograms of glutinous rice, 10 kilograms of red dates and raisins, during the process of wrapping the dumplings, the skilled craftsmanship packaged them up and picked up the leaves and leaves. Leaves, fill rice, put stuffing, forming, winding, action methodical, very good, and the current scholars are relatively handcuffed, often appear to leak meters, broken leaves were broken situation. Wrapped dumplings come in a variety of shapes, and live laughter continues.

Employees involved in the package said that it is meaningful to pass on traditional techniques and strengthen exchanges between employees, as well as to allow employees to eat delicious dumplings during the holiday season.