Battery Pipe Pressing Crimping Tool

Battery Pipe Pressing Crimping Tool

BZ-1550 pipe press tools were designed to help plumbers to conduct fast and reliable crimping work on their pipeline. With a stronger and stable hydraulic system and proper engineered pressing jaw. EZ-1528 pipe press tools can join copper, stainless steel, PEX and multi-layer fittings safely and efficiently. For every plumber who dreamed of having a high quality and cost-effective tool . ZUPPER is your best choice.

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Product Details

Product features   image

1. Compatible with Kempress, Ridgid, Rothenberger, Rems and Viega large 32KN jaws

2. Micro-computer detects the pressing force and resets automatically

3. Manual reset button in case of incorrect operation

4. Gen type ergonomic design with single trigger operation

5. Pin release for attaching jaw sets onto the clamping cylinder

Product description


Universal application possibilities in sanitary and heating installations, floor heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning, as well as hydraulic system.

Choose the one suit for you with ZUPPER.


Product details

Item No. BZ-1550
Rated clamping force32KN
Rated working pressure


Crimp/charge350 times (DN 20 stainless steel pipe)
Piston stroke40mm
Clamping cycle3-8s
Working temperature-10℃~40℃
Battery18V 3.0Ah Li-ion



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