Manual Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Plumbing Tool

Manual Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Plumbing Tool

Product features: 1. Micro computer control system-automatically detect the pressure when it is crimping,with double safety protect. 2. Pressure released automatically Function-the tool stop forcing the pressing and release 90% pressure when the pressure reached maximum. 3. The tool equipped...

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Product Details

Product features

1. Safty system inside

2. Al-alloy handle

3. Double hydraulic stage

4. 350° rotary crimping head

5. Used Copper, Stainless steel, Multi-layer composite pipe, Pex pipe

Product description

HZ-1632 is a hand-operated self-contained hydraulic tool, designed with latch type head interchangeable crimping dies, double speed hydraulic system, safety valve, light-weight Aluminum Alloy Pump Body, handles With proper crimping dies, HP-1632DZL is capable of mounting fitting onto pex pipe, multi-layer composite pipe, stainless steel pipe and copper pipe (By radial crimping sleeve joint).

Product details

Crimping rangeφ16-32mm
Crimping force60KN
Rated pressure63Mpa


Packagesteel case

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