Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit

Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit

FT-1240 mainly includes 6 parts: Pipe cutter, Pressing Plier, Expanding Plier, Brush and compatible pressing fork, expanding head

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Product Details

Product features: 

1. Non-rust, anti-corrosion

2.. It is easy to operate

3. It is suitable for press fit in

4. It is made of good materials

Product description:

Manual Pipe fitting tools FT-1240 mainly include Mechanical 1 pc  Pipe Pressing Tool, 1pc Mechanical Pipe Expanding Plier and the relative accessories. Can be used to install the PEX and PAP pipes (Expand pipe end, then press pipe sleeve onto pipe and pipe fittings)

Product details:

Pressing rangeφ 16-20, 25-32mm
Expanding rangeφ 16-32mm
Cutting rangeMax. φ 40mm
N. Weightapprox. 5.2kg
PackagePlastic box
Pressing Jawsφ 16x2.2、φ 20x2.8、φ 25x3.5、φ 32x4.4
Expanding dieφ 16x2.2、φ 20x2.8、φ 25x3.5、φ 32x4.4

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